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    We manage a comprehensive IT infrastruture tailored to your every business needs

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    We provide customized strategic & business solutions with proven success of over 10 years

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About Our Company

We are a people oriented organization, we take pride in building sustainable relationships.

Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.

Growth we believe is a continues process and that is the basis of breaking barriers. We always inculcate a "what's next perspective" in our quest to being the best and this is the core of our ...becoming more philosophy.
Over the years, we have left a breadcrumb of satisfied clients that form an essential part of our family and this is because we believe people are our biggest assets in achieving every set goal. Be a part of that growth and progressively break the limited boundaries of achievements.


Analyst, Project Manager


Our Services

We focus on our strenghts while constantly exploring better ways to improve our weaknesses

System Development

Web, mobile and applications development are our turf. Let's build the next great idea.

Networks & Security

In a contantly evolving IT world, the best network & security infrastructure makes all the difference.

eMarkets & Analytics

Need, business values, demographics and the right market audience can sell any product.

Strategy & Data Modelling

Seeing the straight line between point A and B in a fuzzy corporate world involves strategy.

Research & Development

The next big idea is often times shrouded in dirt just like diamonds underneath the earth crust.


Churning out profitable business solutions to corporate problems using information technology.

Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is our best marketing strategy, hear it direct from others.

One of the better properties of a good project is that it meets all its objectives within budgetary and cost concerns and I am positive that soconsults can deliver that anyday, anytime.

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Esther Banjo


I frankly do not know anyone that can keep a relationship like these ones can... despite the odds, they stand tall at every instance.

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Agara Barry

Media Director

They keep to their promise, there's no better bond or show of integrity. I'll go with them anyday.

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Jumuike Ogunnowo



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