About Us

About Us

We are a people oriented organization, we take pride in building sustainable relationships.

Tacoee is an IT based consultancy company specializing in the development of business profit oriented solutions for different organizations, people and governments.
She is registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with RC-1642646.

At the center of our drive is the need to constantly improve our way of doing things. This have helped us redefine the excellence barrier and to create new frontiers for customer satisfaction. We believe people are our best assets, not just staff, but clients and stakeholders at all levels. And as such, we value the opinion of everyone and build systems that meets the need within every organization.

As part of sustaining relationships, we get involved beyond development and follow through inherent processes, making sure quality assurance is meet and basic policy upheld.

Why Choose Us


Knowledge is good but experience is even better.

Team work

The strength of wolves are in their packs


We make no trade-offs at trading for quality


We walk the bumpy roads together till mastery is achieved.


...to consistently pursue the limits enshrined in our minds by laws put in place to understand nature. To act better, do better, be better and become more.


To be the GOTO place for solutions, ideas, creativity and development within the business marketplace and to surpass expectations at every turn.


These values guide our processes and success

  • Build sustainable relationships with each client
  • Always ask whats next, how can we do it better?
  • Be truthful, best now than later when damage is done
  • Continues development of techniques and tools
  • Quality assurance is the backbone for success

Our Working Process

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Ideas Creation

We understand the ideas presented from the problem perspective and all the elements involved.

Churn out Solutions

Carry out team brainstorming sessions and develop multiple paths to a solution.

Work Execution

Determine best route and develop solution based on verifiable data and available documentation.


Implement solution using pilot, phased, parallel or whole methods and monitor for QA/QC.

Meet Our Team

Harnessing our strengths in diversity and bringing together the elixir that crowns us individuals.

Ockiya Tamunoemi

Analyst & Project Manager

An Oxford Brookes graduate, Ockiya has over 10 years experience in analysis & PM.

Goldson Emem

Strategy & Development

Goldson brings a wealth of experience spanning multiple areas of influence.

Sidney Lawson

Public Relations

Dynamic and energetic, Sidney flows with post cross-cultural trends and values.

Constance Tamunoemi

Social Media & Markets

An expert of electronic business, Constance manages behavioral patterns and influences.

Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is our best marketing strategy, hear it direct from others.

One of the better properties of a good project is that it meets all its objectives within budgetary and cost concerns and I am positive that soconsults can deliver that anyday, anytime.

client Image

Esther Banjo


I frankly do not know anyone that can keep a relationship like these ones can... despite the odds, they stand tall at every instance.

client Image

Agara Barry

Media Director

They keep to their promise, there's no better bond or show of integrity. I'll go with them anyday.

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