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We are delighted that you are interested in PineManor International. Clearly, you know what it means to differentiate the best from the rest. We take pride in sharing with you and your family through this website and onsite our superb child care and development experiences. At PineManor, your child comes first and then you of course. Our vision is simple: Excellence from the cradle, offering daycare, nursery and primary education, all seasons for all the right reasons.

What makes us different is our approach that encourages every childís emotional, intellectual, social and physical being, stimulated AT THEIR OWN pace without pressure or loss of self esteem. They are guided to achieving the best they can and beyond through the expert care of our child care providers and a unique partnership with parents.

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Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is our best marketing strategy, hear it direct from others.

One of the better properties of a good project is that it meets all its objectives within budgetary and cost concerns and I am positive that soconsults can deliver that anyday, anytime.

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Esther Banjo


I frankly do not know anyone that can keep a relationship like these ones can... despite the odds, they stand tall at every instance.

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Agara Barry

Media Director

They keep to their promise, there's no better bond or show of integrity. I'll go with them anyday.

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Jumuike Ogunnowo

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